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Mr. Cyna is an accomplished investor in the Canadian public markets for over 20 years, and has managed significant portfolios. He is a financing specialist for private and public companies, and has expertise in real estate and debt obligations. He has assisted private companies accessing the public markets, has been a founding director of public companies and is a strategic consultant to selected clientele.


Cymor Stock Picks – Buy $INDU

By | May 22, 2013

If you want to make money investing, The Trend is Your Friend. There is an old adage – You Can’t Fight the Trend and the current trend is buying the Dow Jones Industrial Average – $INDU.

It is nice to get a 10-Bagger, ( see my 10-bagger picks here ) but when easy money is waiting for you, you just can’t ignore the opportunity. Look at the chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average below. For the last 6 months, it has gone up in a straight line. It didn’t matter if the jobs report was dismal, or if US economic activity stalled in the quarter, or if Japan was printing trillions of Yen. Nothing mattered, except stocks are rising.

$INDU May 2013

Today Is A New Day – Yesterday Is History
Investors often lose money in the market when they buy based on a “tip”, or a sector they feel has good value, or some stock that DID WELL YESTERDAY. They forget that today is a new day, and every day has a new story. Stocks that did well yesterday, made money for those that were holding them yesterday. Today is a new day, and it is not yesterday.

Join the trend
When the momentum is “UP”, and strongly “UP”, it is like a freight train, roaring down the tracks. It is hard to stop and hard to derail. Buy the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You can buy an ETF, or a future, or a Mini, but whatever your instrument of choice, the obvious should not be ignored.  Easy money is waiting for you.

The Stock Market Will Hurt Those With Blinders On
Sooner of later, this relentless climb upward will falter. When it does falter, those greedy enough, or blind enough, will still be owning the Dow. Making money in the stock market requires the investor to pay attention. Those willing to buy now, take a quick profit and then exit, will do well and have more capital for the next winner.

The Trend is Your Friend
Today is the day to buy the Dow. Let the Trend be Your Friend. Buy and sell when the average falters.

Sometimes an easy profit is quicker and surer than a 10 Bagger.

The Trend is Your Friend
Today is the day to buy the DJIA. Let the Trend be Your Friend. Buy and sell when the average falters.

Whats-Hot-or-Not – Historical Picks

Feb 2/13   E Mini (ES – CME) June 2013     (Picked@13,947, sold @ 15,460, profit of 1,513)
Feb 6/13   Tethy’s Petroleum ( TPL -TSX)    ( Picked@$0.74 )
Feb 10/13   Scorpio Mining ( SPM -TSX)   ( Picked@$0.95)
Feb 21/13   Medicago ( MDG -TSX)    ( Picked@$0.54, , sold @$0.76, profit of $0.22)
Mar 15/13 EMED Mining ( EMD -TSX)    ( Picked@$0.175)
Apr 5/13 Detour Gold ( DGC -TC, DRGDF on OTC) ( Picked@16.60 )
Apr 11/13 Dynacert ( DYA -TSXV) (Picked@$0.14)
May 1/13 Apple Inc (AAPL) (Sell@$439.70)
May 8/13 Facebook (FB-Nasdaq) (Buy $26.00)
May 23/13 DJIA ($INDU 15,307)

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